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I love exploring creativity in all works of life. I am a passionate designer focused on providing innovative and aesthetic solutions that add value to my users and stakeholders.

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Responsive Fedral Web Redesign

"Disaster Assistance.gov"

Public Toilet Finder App

"Got To Go"

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“A design should look good and work even better”

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Hello! I am Fayeka. I love to create and explore design no matter what the media is. My style of approaching a design is by understanding the objective of the project. Through interviews and usability testing, I discover the problems and commit to solve them in the process so that I can succeed in making a design that’s both functional and visually appealing to the users.

My design journey started with arts and crafts in high school, to being an architect and then exploring UX/UI design in GWU Bootcamp. So I tend to use both my UX UI and Architectural experiences and I believe that it is a beautiful harmony of experiences that I have acquired that helps me deliver good designs.

I enjoy exploring new skills which helps me to improve my designs. I enjoy putting my efforts in Micro Interactions and Motion Designs that can be achieved making different kinds of components when prototyping in Figma to make the design more appealing. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn more about prototyping in Figma so that I can achieve in creating a prototype that looks and feels just like the real software. Some of the skills that I tend to practice regulary are Competitive Analysis, Feature Prioritzation, User Flow and Website Annotations, Wireframing and Prototyping. I mostly use Figjam, Figma, Axure, Photoshop and Screen to GIF to practice these skills.

I have collaborated with teams and individually from start-finish to deliver projects on time and present them to the jurors.

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